Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CCJIG chair now a published author!

I hope no one will be offended if the IG chair/blog administrator indulges in a moment of self-promotion here. But this seemed like a good venue to announce that I've had a new book published. Here's a look at the cover, and links to the publisher's site and Amazon site for it.


Publisher's Web site link:

Amazon Link:


Andrea said...

Congratulations, Jack! I'm thrilled to see this out because I remember when you were working on this so diligently. The cover looks fabulous and I'll be putting one on order right away! Woo Hoo!

Dr John Cokley said...

Congrats too, Jack. And may i add some more shameless self-promotion of a book in the same publishing stable: "I, Journalist", edited by Lee Duffield and myself http://www.pearsoned.com.au/Catalogue/TitleDetails.aspx?isbn=0733984037

Glenn Scott said...

Jack, nice book! I've spent the past two days, as if I had the time, researching books to enrich a Media & Society course next fall. I've been looking for a text that covers mass comm theory without breaking the bank -- or weighing down the book bag -- and we're going to use yours. It offers the right content, the right length, the right price. And it arrived on the market at the right time. Thanks for the edition, a fine addition for this course and others.