Monday, August 11, 2008

CCJIG Meeting Report -- Chicago Convention

Minutes for the CCJIG Annual Members’ Meeting

Date: Thursday, August 7, 2008

During AEJMC annual convention in Chicago, Ill.

7:45 p.m.-meeting called to order by Jack Rosenberry, outgoing chair

People in attendance: Jack Rosenberry, Kirsten Johnson, Glenn Scott, Burton St. John, Jeff South, Len Witt, Jeanette Foreman, Clyde Bentley, Mary Beth Callie, Jeff Neely, Andrea Breemer Frantz, Sue Ellen Christian, Cheryl Gibbs. Each gave a brief introduction of himself/herself.

Election of officers

Nikhil Moro, Central Michigan: Chair

Mary Beth Callie, Regis: Vice-Chair

Glenn Scott, Elon/Burton St. John, Old Dominion: Research

Jeff South, Virginia Commonwealth: Teaching/Webmaster

Clyde Bentley, Missouri: PF&R

Kirsten Johnson, Elizabethtown: Secretary

Need to send out a call for a co vice-chair


Renewal Petition-yes, we’ve been renewed

$4,600 in our account

2008 accomplishments included good slate of convention programming, approval of bylaws and construction of bibliography

New Business:

Dues will remain at $10.00

-Len-motion, Andrea-second

Motion approved

This year there were no top paper awards given due to notification about them inadvertently being left out of the paper call. Incoming research chairs were asked to make sure that next year’s call includes information about a top paper award given to both a faculty and graduate student paper. Motion to increase the top paper awards for each category to $150 was approved. Winner of the top graduate student paper also gets complimentary conference registration from AEJMC.

Motion to bring back the plaques given to paper winners and former chairs was approved. All future chairs will receive plaques, and a plaque will be given to Jack for his service this year.

Panel ideas: Not too early to start thinking about these!

New Initiatives:

Clean up the bibliography

Joint venture between the Community and Civic and Citizen Journalism interest groups to disseminate research to industry, as discussed by the two groups together before the formal members’ meetings started. How we do this will be an ongoing discussion on the blog.

Teaching ideas posted on a Web site

General Discussion “For the Good of the Order”:

Membership seems to be holding steady. It stands at 107, up 15% over three years

Is there a way to post the papers that were presented at the conference online or link to them?

How can we promote the division more effectively? New member breakfasts—hand out a pamphlet? Link from pjnet?

Think about putting our call for papers on the graduate student listserv.

Participate in the mid-winter event?

Think about a special 2010 event

8:50-p.m. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Kirsten Johnson, Secretary

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