Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CCJIG invites panel proposals for 2008 AEJMC-due Oct 15

September 15, 2007

The Civic and Citizen Journalism Interest Group (CCJIG) invites panel proposals for the 2008 AEJMC conference in Chicago. We need your input to create another meaningful and engaging lineup.

Panel proposals should be sent to Co-Vice Chair Mary Beth Callie via email word attachment, at by October 15.

In the past, CCJIG panels have focused on: citizen media, blogging, civic mapping, community conversations, newsroom projects, legal and ethical issues in civic or citizen journalism, using polls, focus groups and other methods in civic reporting; civic and citizen journalism in a multicultural environment, civic and citizen journalism and new technologies, history/philosophy of civic journalism, and teaching civic and citizen journalism.

Some general directions that emerged from the 2007 conference include:

(1) Defining "civic journalism" and "citizen journalism"--meanings and missions
(2) Evaluating the state and parameters of the field
(3) Teaching civic and citizen journalism
(4) How the changing economics of the newspaper industry are playing a role in development of the citizen journalism movement

I hope that the above ideas will stimulate your thinking. Panel proposals should consist of the following:
Type (i.e., PF&R, Teaching, Research)

Tentative Title

Possible Moderator

Possible Panelists (limit to three so we can work on linking with other interest groups and divisions)

Brief Description

Possible Panel Co-sponsors (divisions or interest groups)

Please follow this format as closely as possible. Consistency is important as proposals will be compiled into a document with those from other divisions and interest groups for programming consideration. Be aware that most panel proposals are revised or expanded to include presenters from another division or interest group. Look for timely topics, and try to keep your pitch relatively general and adaptable.

An example of a previous proposal is available at
(Note that this will take you to a download of a Word document.)

Proposals should be e-mailed as Word attachments to:

Thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to receiving your proposals.


Mary Beth Callie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
Regis University, Denver

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Dr John Cokley said...

Dear Mary Beth (your email is bouncing my email, so ...)

I have recently joined the CCJIG blog on the understanding that my university has an institutional membership of AEJMC ... which I have asked our school manager to confirm.

In the meantime, would you mind bringing me up to speed on how the special interest group works at the conference: would participation in a panel as you suggest exclude or reduce my chances of having a solo paper accepted for peer reviewing and possible publication?

My interest is in civic and citizen journalism (especially as it seems to be evolving on various US academic sites) and i would want to maximise the returns from my research ... in other words, trying for refereed publication. I would enjoy being able to participate in a panel or at least the panel discussion, but not at the expense of being able to present a solo paper.

My research covers some of the areas you list: civic mapping, community conversations, newsroom projects, civic and citizen journalism in a multicultural environment, civic and citizen journalism and new technologies, and teaching civic and citizen journalism.

Hope to hear back soon ...


Dr John Cokley PhD
School of Journalism and Communication
University of Queensland
Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia
Tel: +61 7 3365 3381
Fax: +61 7 3365 1377