Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Donations fund Minneapolis citizen-J project

The latest wrinkle in covering communities and giving voice to underreported issues or topics that citizens want to read more about is out of Minnesota, where Joel Kramer, former editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, is launching an online daily news site funded by donors.The new venture follows the recently unveiled news venture called Pro Publica, a nonprofit investigative reporting project funded by two California philanthropists, Herbert and Marian Sandler, to the tune of $10 million a year.

Here's a link to the Chronicle of Philanthropy article on

These ventures, and others are reportedly to follow, raises interesting questions about the potential influence of the funding source of news gathering and dissemination, in addition to raising the issue of balanced reporting. Does the venture have to only pursue the Sandlers' pet issues? What if the Minnesota donors only want pro-Minnesota coverage? What's this mean for citizen journalism and funding future ventures; is this a worthwhile model to consider?Enter the debate and share your thoughts.

- Submitted by Sue Ellen Christian, posted by Jack Rosenbery

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