Thursday, January 29, 2009

GlobalPost debuts with a novel revenue model

The international news aggregator GlobalPost, launched earlier this month by Philip S. Balboni and Charles M. Sennott, is trying a novel revenue model.

In addition to selling online advertisements and syndicated stories, GlobalPost offers a "Passport" by which for a $199 annual subscription, a member may request exclusive political and economic stories. It seems to be an action version of representative journalism.
Passport also gives you a significant voice in the news. We invite you to join us in reinventing the media equation, empowering members for the Web 2.0 era. Instead of the old top-down model where editors decide what you need to read, as a Passport member you play an unprecedented role in shaping the stories that get covered, via ForeignDesk, Correspondent Calls and Newsmaker Interviews. Simply put, it’s access that gives you an edge.

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