Monday, December 8, 2008

Invitation to review papers for CCJIG

If you are a CCJIG member, here's a quick update for you from AEJMC's winter meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, over the weekend.

1. Each submitted paper for the 2009 convention in Boston will get three reviewers. Our group’s tradition has been that officers, who are not permitted to submit, volunteer to review instead. In addition, I invite any of you with no plans to submit a paper to please consider reviewing: Contact either of our research co-chairs, Burton St. John ( or Glenn Scott ( Graduate students cannot be reviewers.

Only as a last option would I like to solicit reviewers from outside of our membership. If recent years are an indication, we should expect to have nearly two dozen submissions.

2. I would like to remind potential submitters that, per AEJMC rules of blind review, any author-identifying information in the submission would automatically disqualify the paper. Regardless of whether an accepted paper ends up presented in a high-density, poster or regular session, it would have gone through the exact same review process.

3. We will aim for a 50 percent acceptance rate. The only criterion of acceptance will be a paper's quality as decided by the multiple blind reviewers.

4. January 30 is the deadline to ask for speaker funding, if you’d like to invite a non-AEJMC keynoter for any panel. Approved reimbursement would cover the speaker's coach-class airfare, airport transfer, hotel room, and meal expenses. First you'd have to fill out a speaker funding request form (pdf) available on the AEJMC site.

Nikhil Moro, Ph.D.
Chair, Civic & Citizen Journalism Interest Group

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