Monday, December 8, 2008

We are the largest

Vice-chair Mary Beth Callie and I attended AEJMC’s mid-winter meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, this weekend.

While in Louisville I made sure to check out the famed Fourth Street.

And yes, I visited the Ali Center: Muhammad Ali was, after all, my sporting hero during much of high school. (Not that I could box to save my life!)

Ali may well have been "the greatest," but I am no less proud to announce that we, the Civic & Citizen Journalism Interest Group, are now the largest:

CCJIG has emerged as AEJMC’s largest interest group in 2008-09. We have 116 registered members of whom 57 are female; six identify themselves as African-American, two as Asian-American, and twelve as International. Kimberly Bissell, the Council of Divisions chair, made the announcement Friday evening.

The status reflects our growing ability to decipher the many challenges of practicing journalism in a quickly transforming media firmament.

Shortly I will post the details of CCJIG's program for the 2009 Boston convention.

Nikhil Moro, Ph.D.
Chair, Civic & Citizen Journalism Interest Group

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