Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Call For Submissions

The following is from Bill Reader at Ohio University


The rapid changes in the newspaper industry have turned more focus in recent years to what appears to be one of the more stable branches of the newspaper business — small-circulation daily and weekly newspapers generally referred to as "community newspapers." In light of these developments, the Newspaper Research Journal is accepting research articles and conceptual/theoretical essays that will shed light on "The Future of Community Newspapers" for a special issue of NRJ (tentatively scheduled for the winter 2011 issue).

This call is for articles that provide insights into the modern role of community newspapers, as well as suggestions that would help community newspapers to adapt to the changing marketplace. Both social-scientific and cultural/critical approaches will be considered, as will mixed-methods approaches. Preference will be given to articles that draw upon and advance media theory, although insightful non-theoretical, descriptive studies will be considered.

Submissions will undergo NRJ's usual peer-review process, and must be original research that is not under review with any other publication (although modified conference papers will be considered). NRJ's published guidelines regarding length, citation style, and formatting of tabular material will apply. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 1, 2009.

Submissions should be sent as Microsoft Word files to guest editor Bill Reader of Ohio University. E-mail them to

Bill Reader, assistant professor

E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

Ohio University

102 Scripps Hall, Athens, Ohio, 45701


-- officer, Community Journalism Interest Group of AEJMC

-- Academic partner and steering committee member, Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues

-- National Newspaper Association Continuing Education Committee member

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G. Tod Slone said...

When one gets down to it, B. Reader, is just another democracy-indifferent careerist ladder-climbing academic. He does not give a damn that my voice has been suppressed on a number of occasions on certain forums for academic opinion. He will not stand up on his hind legs if doing so might be even a tiny bit risky to his career. Citizens need to stand up and demand that voices not be suppressed, especially whenever higher education is concerned! We need a wide open arena where all opinions might be expressed! Rationalizing inaction and cowardice is not what we need. Is Reader the kind of citizen we want as journalist? At the rate the PC-mullahs are going, America ain't gonna have free speech much longer. I am indeed outraged by the Readers who make up the large majority in the ivory tower. They are destroying democracy in America for the sake of elites. Well, just censor this comment... uh, call it moderate, if that makes you happy.
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