Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MySpace starts its own citizen journalism forum

If Rupert Murdoch has a nose for profit then citizen journalism must be lucrative, at least potentially.

Mr. Murdoch's social networking portal, MySpace, has announced it will publish the work of "uReporters."

From a MySpace press release today.
MySpace, the world’s leading online social portal, together with Fox News, today announced an exclusive partnership for the launch of the official MySpace uReport community at http://www.myspace.com/ureport. The partnership, the first between MySpace and Fox News, gives the global MySpace community the ability to share their citizen journalist-produced content with the MySpace community, as well as have the chance to be featured on Fox News.

Members of the MySpace uReport community can become “uReporters” by uploading video and photos tagged by specific news categories including USA, World, Entertainment and Politics. This content could be featured in relevant programming on Fox News Channel and foxnews.com, with Fox News maintaining editorial control of the MySpace page. The community will also feature profiles of Fox News anchors and hosts, allowing members to link to their favorite network personalities.
More here.

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