Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Perhaps we don't need CNN anymore"

Marc Moore writes of the April 15 "Houston tea party."
[T]he business model for newspapers as we know them is not sustainable. It can never be so when readers - i.e., customers - see the market price for news as zero. We expect to get our news for free these days and one effect is that the cost of production must also be zero or as close to it as possible.

Citizen journalism meets that criteria. My concern is that the integrity that we’ve become accustomed to seeing demonstrated by our leading reporters would be lost if the reporting of news were handed over to ordinary citizens like me.

However, judging from the absolutely shameful reporting and commentary produced by CNN and MSNBC while covering the tea parties, that concern seems less important.
Mr. Moore further adds:
For these offenses against journalistic integrity CNN and MSNBC should be banned from the link list of all respectable blogs. They deserve no props for their work and no links from ours.
Definitely worth a read.

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