Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"The bloggers are omnipresent, and watching!"

Tom DeLay, Jeff Gannon, Dan Rather, Alberto Gonzales, George Allen... Important people brought to apologies by journalist bloggers is part of the lore of citizen journalism.

The latest to join the hall of fame seems to be Tom Daschle. Martha R. Gore writes in today's Examiner of Detroit:
When the White House announced the nomination of Tom Daschle for the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services, citizen journalists went into high gear. In a matter of seconds, Mr. Daschle's unpaid taxes and conflict of interest with the health industry problems were being examined, investigated, and discussed in blogs....

So it should be no surprise that by the time Daschle appeared before the Senate Finance Committee to explain away the complications in his selection by Obama for the cabinet position, information about every appearance he made, every speech he gave, the limo in which he traveled, and anything he might have said privately, was flying across the wires that connected computers to internet sources to immediately turning up on the blogs.

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