Monday, February 23, 2009

"The future of newspapers is not the same as the future of journalism"

During participatory technological revolutions (like the one we're living through) it's easy to confuse "medium" with "journalism" with "content."

Fortunately there is Andrew Reilly, the "Chicago Media Industry Examiner," to clear things up.
To say things like blogs, streaming multimedia, citizen journalism and the like will fundamentally change journalism is akin to saying cheaper and better tools will redefine home improvement; while the implements make the process easier, the craft and end result remain essentially the same.
  1. Something newsworthy happens or new information becomes available.
  2. Someone with the means to disseminate said news or information builds some type of article, blurb or full-fledged story.
  3. The article, blurb or story is distributed. Wait for step one to happen again.
Neither movable type nor Moveable Type had the power to alter this process...

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