Monday, February 2, 2009

University of Kentucky offers free citizen journalism workshops

The University of Kentucky is offering citizen journalism workshops for the Lexington community, courtesy the Kentucky Citizen Media Project.

Participants would publish their work on the newly launched Lexington Commons site.

According to a media release the workshops, which are free and include lunch, will be four in number -- every month starting February.
The workshops will cover basic journalism training, how to recognize news, how to write a story, hard news and feature writing. They will also cover journalism ethics and media law. Participants will be shown how to use the Web site’s tools that will allow them to post stories, blogs and podcasts.

Seungahn Nah, assistant professor of community communications and director of KCMP, said the project reflects his favorite quote from OhMyNews in South Korea, one of the first citizen-based projects in the world: "Every citizen is a reporter."

The workshops are free and open to anyone in Lexington who is interested in regularly contributing to the Lexington Commons.

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