Monday, March 23, 2009

"As quality journalism diminishes, good writers will leave and wait tables"

Carol Forsloff, who predicts that "as quality diminishes, good writers will shrug and leave and wait tables," also rues that citizen journalists have caused journalism to become a "gladiator sport."
It turns out that good writing is the agenda for many, but not for everyone. The game is to get the most votes not to do the best and most thorough job with news. Everyone is guilty, including mainstream media. But in the war over scraps, where writing jobs are few from the United Kingdom and the United States to places in Asia, and journalists the first to go in a recession, competition is keen and increasing.
Regardless of any initial suspicion that Ms. Forsloff's words may be pejorative of bearers and butlers, you really should check out her point here.

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