Monday, March 23, 2009

Experts debate if bloggers would do well to flow with the mainstream

"Experts" aside, it seems Jared Polis suffers from a foot-in-the-mouth affection. Nearly three weeks after the Colorado Congressman (rather insincerely) apologized for his comment about the Rocky's demise, he's at it again.
Polis laid a challenge at the feet of citizen journalists. Keep evolving, he told the "netroots," those amateur journalists and bloggers.

He asked them to tell him "what kind of content do you want your citizen journalists in Congress and your state legislatures to produce for you. What would be valuable?"

"Clearly mainstream media has never told a good story, or a real story about what goes on," he said. "Now even less so."

More of Polis, and finally the experts, at the Denver Post.

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