Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bob Schieffer's advice: "Bring people the news no matter what medium dominates"

This month Bob Lloyd Schieffer, 72, completes 40 years with CBS News.

The eminent broadcaster and writer (and cancer survivor) spoke at Lamar State College in Port Arthur, Texas, yesterday. One report said Mr. Schieffer was "adamant that journalists have to be willing to change formats and bring people the news no matter what medium dominates."

A couple of older quotes from the host of Face the Nation (a talk show "still information driven and not about anchors showing off"):

"For all the technology, [journalism] still comes down to the individual reporter....who has the courage and the expertise and the knowledge, who goes to wherever the story is, gets the story and then tells it..." (At his alma mater, Texas Christian University, a couple of months back)

"These have always been businesses. We talk about the citizen journalist, and we talk about bloggers. No blogger could afford to pay just the security costs alone that it costs Bill Keller to keep seven reporters in Baghdad. … This is America. It’s free enterprise. Who else would finance it unless it would be private enterprise?” (On the corporate ownership of media in TCU Magazine many months back)

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